Percy Keese Fitzhugh

Percy Keese Fitzhugh is without a doubt the most famous and most enduring of the Boy Scout authors. - a site dedicated to his memory

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He wrote nearly seventy Boy Scout novels - in five different series.

He began with the first series commissioned by the Boy Scouts - writing three of the six books in the Crowell's Boy Scout series.

In 1915, he was commissioned to write a book based on the film The Adventures of a Boy Scout. Both film and book were also commissioned by the BSA. The book became Tom Slade, Boy Scout of the Moving Pictures, later called Tom Slade, Boy Scout. This became a run-away best-seller, and began the Tom Slade series - which rivaled Tom Swift as the best-selling series of its day.

This was followed by four more series: Roy Blakely, Pee-wee Harris, Westy Martin, and a number of novels in the Buddy Books for Boys series.

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